Boiling Pot

A gourmet tour into the most authentic Chinese food in Southern California


Boiling Pot is a food show featuring two American hosts as they visit diverse Chinese restaurants in the U.S. It explores the clash of cultural dynamics, investigates bitter-sweet immigration stories, analyzes a variety of food while providing insightful critiques.

Show Detail

10 episodes, 10 minutes per episode

Stage of production



Sound Designer: Jonathan Chen

Cast: Noelle Carter 
Directors: Paloma Chen, Brian Inocencio, Ben Ma, Chloe Tang 
Director of Photography: Brian Inocencio 

Editor: Peng Wang 
Marketing: Yufei Clark 
Research Assistant: Gracy Cao, Yining Hu 


Noelle Carter

Former Test Kitchen Director at the award-winning food section of Los Angeles Times. She is also a chef, food critic and recipe consultant. Her passion is to take inspiration from foreign cuisines and simplify them for the American home audience.


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