Super Bay Area


Super Bay Area showcases the world's four major bays - San Francisco Bay, New York Metropolitan?, Hong Kong-Macao Bay and Tokyo Bay. With advanced technology reshapingour habits and lifestyles as well as never-ending challenges such as poverty, human rights, economy, and environment, how will the bay areas lead the search for solutions while respecting the law of nature..

Using an objective lens, Super Bay Area strives to showcase how technological innovations occuring in the bay areas will turn moments of crisis into opportunities, assist in the recovery of the world's economy after a pandemic, and shape our future.

Show Detail

4 seasons, 30 episodes total, 10 minutes per episode.

Stage of Production



Producer: Dora Wu
Directors: Dora Wu, Paloma Chen, Chloe Tang, Brian Inocencio
Director of Photography: Brian Inocencio
Research Team: Floyd Luo, Eric Du, Danielle Ho, Eva Zheng, Jonathan Chen

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